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Does going green increase your property value?

go green and increase the value of your property

With the lowest interest rates in the history of the country, South Africans are out shopping for their dream homes. What is a dream home in the eyes of today's homebuyer? After the aesthetics have been covered - enough space -tick, garden -tick, pool -optional, garage - definite tick, neighbourhood -double tick, etc. The future of living in the shortlisted homes is considered.

One of the plus factors will be if the house has a solar geyser. With the heating elements seemingly all coming from the lowest bidder in China, you are a regular customer for the local plumbers and electricians if you settle for a standard geyser. A solar geyser is not only a money saver, it is environmentally friendly as it doesn't chew power (and parts).

Moving up on the shortlist is a home that has its own solar power grid. Even a small system is a great help during load-shedding, protecting your expensive electronics from the power surges and supplying enough power to run 12V appliances (like the tv, laptop or charge cellphones) and a few led lights. Enough power to keep you entertained and bathed in the light when it's dark outside. A bigger solar power system obviously trumps the smaller systems, such as a grid-tied system or a completely off-grid system.

Our country has experienced how uncomfortable it is when you don't have water. The municipal supply has become really sketchy in many areas. Your dream home will look a lot less inviting if your garden has died of thirst. A greywater system goes a long way towards keeping your garden green, by recycling your used bathroom water.

A rainwater harvesting system with an irrigation system trumps a greywater system. But since the greywater system is a money saver it is an easy addon. The best is a rainwater harvesting system with high capacity storage, first-flush system, irrigation system, water filtration system, water pump and municipal switchover.

If your home is a green home it is a dream home.

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