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Get Ready for Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting System

Get Ready for Rainwater Harvesting What you Need to Do

Pretoria is one of the few areas in South Africa that receives the larger part of its rainfall during summer – January in particular. So with the rainy season around the corner, we would like to remind those with rainwater harvesting systems to prepare early by cleaning roofs and gutters and making sure that your systems are rainwater ready.  For those who do not have rainwater harvesting systems – what are you waiting for? 

Why get a Rainwater Harvesting System? 

South Africa’s mainline water supply is under huge pressure.  We have already witnessed the effects of water shortages in many cities around our country.  We have an opportunity to learn from what is happening and take necessary steps to prevent the same from happening to us. Rainwater Harvesting Systems make is possible for you to use alternative fresh and safe water opposed to using water from the municipal mainline water supply – leaving more water to be used where it is needed the most.   

What are the benefits of a Rainwater Harvesting System? 

A Rainwater Harvesting System is a system that can be installed at your home.  It collects rainwater that falls on your roof and redirects it via gutters and pipes to a storage facility. From there you can use the water as you please.  Rainwater is safe to use in and around your home be it for irrigation or in-house usages like in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s free water that you can you use when you want and as much you want.  These systems are extremely user-friendly and designed to last for years. They are easy to install and required very little maintenance when up and running. 

When the situation gets bad enough we are forced to make alternative plans. Some have already seen the writing on the wall and have switched over to municipal backup water systems. Others businesses, farms and households have gone completely water independent and are no longer reliant on the municipal system.
Having your own water supply is liberating, and with a filtration system, you have your own reliable source of fresh and clean water. Given the current state of affairs having your own water source is going to be an absolute necessity for the future.

Be part of the solution. The best time to save water is when there is water to save. 

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