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Stop allowing our precious resources to be mismanaged

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We are fast approaching a critical tipping point where life on this planet will not be able to recover. Sure, life will continue but the cost is going to be great, and surviving is going to harsh indeed. Chernobyl for example is seeing a slow recovery, but would you want to go live there?

All we have is on this planet, there is no alternative, and we are allowing the resources to be rapidly depleted. In fact, it is predicted that there will be an exponential decline in our ecosystem that we will personally witness. This decline has already been witnessed and documented in the David Attenborough documentary "A life on this planet". We have seen that the life support system of the planet, our ocean, has been devastated in Chasing Coral and the fish stocks ravaged by commercial fishing in Seaspiracy. Commercial farming is turning the land into deserts and since we are all driven by money there will be no sustainable existence until we all change our habits. The time for this change is running out.

The greatest irony is that the planet's demise is as a result of it being "managed" by people who are incapable, incompetent or who are allowing greed or negligence to rule their actions. Locally the water crisis in the Eastern Cape was managed into a Day Zero crisis. Eskom is teetering on the verge of collapse, unable to manage their resources, let alone manage a recovery.

Time to take matters into your own hands. Start saving water with a rainwater harvesting system. Collect and use solar power and move away from burning coal for electricity. Cycle to work, grow a veggie garden, reuse and recycle. Stop using plastic, go green at home and the office. Eat locally grown produce. Be responsible for your surrounding environment - pick up litter, report dumping and petition polluting companies. Start living sustainably and responsibly today and save the planet tomorrow.

Protect Our Natural Environment

Go green, harvest rainwater & use renewable energy to reduce your carbon footprint