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Water Tank Intallation Get the Job done Right

Simple is not necessarily easy. This is the case with installing a Rainwater Harvesting System, Greywater Recycling System, Pool Backwash Saver and Municipal Water Backup System.

There are relatively few components involved, especially for a basic system, just a water tank, a few pipes and some fittings. For a more involved system, there is a water pump, a water filtration system and a switchable link to the municipal supply. All still straightforward. It certainly sounds like it is a low-skill weekend job. So simple that the system could be laid out on a napkin in a coffee shop much like an electrical wiring diagram...pipe from roof to tank, pipe out of tank to pump, pipe from pump to filters...etc. And yet this simple system can go so wrong if it is not installed with professionalism and attention to detail.

The main cause of a water system failure can be traced back to the preparation and installation. Making this the most important step to get right the first time round. This is also one of those DIY jobs that take a lot longer than expected. Yes, the hardware store sells tanks and pipes and all manner of fittings, but following a tank installation diagram or actually referring to the official step-by-step manual is vastly different from physically maneuvering a water tank and pipe system into position.

So what can possibly go wrong?

Going Low Cost
Cheap tanks, pipes and fittings. These will not last as long and are prone to crack, break, fracture and leak.

Using the Wrong Parts
Depending on your intended needs for your water tank system, using the recommended add-on kits and parts is important. For example, the pipes have specific diameters and using spacers to connect two mismatched pipes is not recommended.

No Foundation Work
If the slab, tower or base under the water tank is weak or uneven the water tank will suffer structural tension when filled and will tear or crack.

Poor Fittings
Precision work is required to ensure that the connections are correctly fitted. Almost right is not good enough, the connection has to be snug and strong.

Missing Components
Skipping components like a first-flush system, non-return valves, automatic shut-off kit, municipal connection and ball valves, etc. All these have an important function and without them, you are at risk of damaging your system.

Not the Right Sequence
This should be straightforward, but for DIY projects it is human nature to bolt ahead and not read the manual. What if you miss the ball valve for the municipal system and you can't isolate this system once connected? Or miss a washer or o ring to prevent water leakage? Unless there are replacement parts included in a kit, you should not finish the project with a few "spare parts."

Green Overall has been installing Water Saving Systems for more than 10 years, and we take pride in our work. Trust the professionals to get the job done right, first time!

Water Tank DIY
Water Tank DIY

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