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Stop shouldering the governments burden and become power and water self-sufficient

Go local, go off grid and save power, water and your community

We as business owners and employees are the ‘little men’ in the bigger scheme of things. When things go wrong the Government happily leans on us for support. But when a little guy is trying to prop up a giant, what is the most likely outcome? The little guy gets squished and casually cast off once worn out, as the giant lumbers on.

Take the nations load shedding crisis as an example. The e-toll gantries remain brightly lit during a power outage, while Eskom warns residents and businesses that they will suffer further power outages if they don’t cut their power usage. Is Sanral on a different grid or using alternative power? No, they are just getting special consideration, although the Government is denying that they have any agenda here.

The small businesses and residents pay their power bills, but Sanral is in arrears. City Power is supporting Sanral but guess who really gets the bill? You do, just as the buck is being passed on about who is responsible for this power and water crisis, the power bill and power problem is passed like a hot potato to the residents.

The double standard is glaring as we have seen City Power crowing about how they are disconnecting residents, businesses, organisation's, churches, and police stations who have defaulted on their power bills.

The DA’s solution is to turn off Sanral gantries so saving power, pandering to the civil disobedience of the majority who oppose the e-tolls to a point where motorists are declining to pay their e-toll fees. Do we turn things off to save power, is this the new power solution for the nation? Granted the e-tolls are not popular, especially given the state of the roads on some stretches. But, still if we just keep turning things off to ‘save power’ we will all soon be groping in the dark, trying to save our businesses our livelihoods and our future.

So turn the lights back on and let the water flow

If we can’t rely on the big guys to look after us then we as little guys will have an easier time supporting each other. What can we do to change the course of the nation and reverse the crisis?

Look after yourself first. We can’t support others if we can’t support ourselves.

Go off grid as much as you can. Solar power systems are modular so you can increase your home and business power generating capabilities as you go.

Harvest and filter rainwater – there is still a water crisis and just with the power crisis there is no solution in sight.

Support local businesses to keep your local economy strong. Community is important, don’t let it get eroded further by big businesses that just want your money and have no real interest in you.

Grow your own and eat local produce.

Tired of expensive power bills and Load-shedding?

Go local, go Off-Grid and become power and water independent