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Over a single lifetime, Sir David Attenborough has seen the natural world change almost beyond recognition

Go green and help to restore the natural balance of our planet

In an article with Green Overall - Is 2020 our last stand to save the planet? we looked at the damage that large scale agriculture has caused to our natural environment. The documentary Kiss The Ground reveals the rapid desertification and destruction of our once fertile lands. All directly as a result of human activity.

In his life's testimony, Sir David Attenborough takes us on a journey through his lifetime and we bear witness to the imminent global peril of the natural world. Taking the dire warning of the kiss the ground documentary further, we see the large scale global destruction and with it comes the warning that if we do not address the cause immediately, we (the human race) will not have a future on this planet.

As with Sir David Attenborough who has seen the natural world's decline with his own eyes, we are the last living generation that can make make a difference and restore the balance before it is too late.

The planet is resilient, and as the documentary shows, life will return. However, as we have stripped the diversity from nature, by "taming the planet" the diversity of life that can bounce back is already endangered. The poignant facts that remain are while all nature works in harmony, relying on the collective whole for the entire eco-system to remain healthy, man is the only animal on the planet that is out of sync with the planetary harmony.

Our actions have jeopardised our survival and that of our planet. From coral reefs, life-giving jungles to the polar ice caps we are systematically decimating our natural world, taking the surviving species to the brink of extinction.

The documentary shows our future if we continue on this course - in 50 years survival will become desperate, food is scarce and we are left to a dying overheated planet where few species remain. The kiss the ground documentary confirms this and they have predicted that we have only 60 harvests left before the farmlands become a barren desert.

But there is hope...

We are left with no choice but to become one with nature and through our actions restore the balance. By adopting new ways we can become stewards of our natural environment, safeguarding it for generations to come.

What do we need to do?

  • Cap and reduce our population growth by only having a maximum of two kids per family.
  • Stop eating meat. Meat production requires vast resources that are are not sustainable. Massive areas of forest are destroyed annually to provide feed for the meat industry.
  • Adopt renewable energy. Fossil fuels are devastating to our natural environment. Transitioning to renewable energy sources will rapidly accelerate the recovery of the planet. Switch over to solar power, rainwater harvesting and go off-grid.
  • Protect our oceans. The oceans need our restraint to recover. No-fish zones and tackling global warming will ultimately restore the supplies of fish and even go on to produce more than enough fish for all species including humans.

Protect Our Natural Environment

Go green, harvest rainwater & use renewable energy to reduce your carbon footprint