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Pool backwash water saver recycles your pool water


Swimming pools require a fair amount of maintenance, but all the hard work is worth the effort during the summer months.  With the onset of the warmer weather, the pool filters have to work harder to keep the water sparkling and inviting.  
While backwashing the pool cleans the filters it also wastes a fair amount of water, between 200 liters to 900 liters depending on the pool size and the state of the filters. It is amazing that so much water is lost, given that the backwash process only lasts for a few minutes. And what happens to this water? Traditionally it is allowed to drain away into the garden or ends up running down the street. Despite some pools designed to allow the water to drain off into the road, the water is not permitted to enter the storm drains as the treated water can harm the local waterways.
For proper pool maintenance, it is generally recommended that the pool should be back washed twice a week in summer and once a week in winter. If you are running the backwash as recommended twice a week during summer at 900 liters a time, that's 7200 liters a month of water that is wasted.

This lost water can be reclaimed and reused by running the pool backwash water into a pool backwash water saver. The backwash water is processed by the backwash water saver and within 24 hours the water can be returned to top up the pool.  This method of recycling the pool water saves having to use the municipal water to top the pool up after backwashing, which in turn saves you money on your water bill.