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Save money with Pretoria’s favourite grey water recycling system


Living in an area where water shortage is not an issue can make one forget just how restricted and precious this resource is. Water levels are diminishing while the worldwide demand is growing. From all the water in the world, only 0.5% is suitable for consumption – which makes it all the more important to invest in an alternative lifestyle that promotes greener living, is water-friendly, and ensures the longevity of this depleting resource.

How much water gets wasted?

An average family and household lose an estimated 360 liters of water per day with equates to roughly 135 000 liters per year, all in areas where no restrictions apply. This is water that gets used while brushing teeth, showering, bathing, in the kitchen and doing laundry. It is water that is completely wasted that ends up in the sewage system. Multiplying that by a minimum of a million households means billions of liters of water is wasted every year in a world where water is a limited resource and literally every drop counts.

What is the solution?

An easy solution is as simple as installing a Greywater Harvesting System in your home. A Greywater Harvesting System offers households the opportunity to collect grey water, which is mildly used water that would otherwise go straight down the drain, and reuse it elsewhere in and around the home.

Where can you use grey water?

Because greywater is previously used water that was used for hygienic purposes like washing or rinsing, it is suitable to use in other areas in and around your home. With this used water, you can flush your toilet, hose off areas around your home and, the popular reuse, irrigate your lawn. Doing so means using less water from your mainline water supply that saves you money in the process. To improve the quality of your grey water, especially when considering using it for irrigation, you can simply switch to eco-friendly cleaning products, be it soap, detergent or shampoo. The more environment-friendly your household and physical cleaning products are, the less grey your greywater is.

Protect Our Drinking Water

Stop wasting drinking water and install a water storage tank and use water recycling systems