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World Water Day – how you can make a difference

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March 22 marks the 27th annual World Water Day. The topic of discussion is as always water and climate change and how the two are linked. World leaders look at how water can be made available to the millions who have limited access and how to keep this most precious resource from being contaminated. What was once believed to be an infinite resource is now considered ultimately finite. Our freshwater reserves have been depleted through pollution, misuse and inefficient water sanitation solutions currently in use.
The primary conclusion is that we cannot wait, policymakers are advised to put water at the heart of their action plans, and the public is urged to do everything they can to help the effort. Our daily actions have a big impact on water use and climate change and with very little effort we can save a lot of water and help the environment.

Climate change

27 years ago the effects of climate change must have seemed a distant worry. Today we are experiencing the severity of the imbalance in our climate on a daily basis. Pollution, severe storms, global drought are all linked to decades of environmental misuse. With these times of uncertainty, our economy suffers.

Water for Sanitation

One of the biggest misuses of fresh-water is for sanitation. We are literally contaminating potable water and then flushing it down the drain. One solution is to use greywater to flush your toilets. We use a system that combines a sink with the toilet so the wastewater used washing hands tops up the toilet reservoir.

Freshwater collection and filtration

Harvesting water from the rain that falls onto your property takes the burden off the main water supply. This water should be your primary source of water and the municipal supply your backup. Filters and pumps can be added to your rainwater harvesting tanks to supply your household with filtered water.

Solar power and Solar Geysers

Traditional electricity production uses coal and water. Installing a solar system will make sure that you are contributing to helping save water and the environment.

Protect Our Drinking Water

Stop wasting drinking water and install a water storage tank and use water recycling systems