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Bad news for ducks, pool parties and dirty cars in Tshwane

It’s all over the news for Tshwane that there will be no foreseeable end to the water restrictions and the odds are good that this is set to just get worse, despite the assurances from City of Tshwane Department of Water and Sanitation.
On the 14th September, we were assured that it would be highly unlikely that we will go to the water shedding stage ,where water shedding entails turning off the water supply to selected areas of the city. Water shedding is a scary prospect, unlike power shedding where it is easy to use gas stoves to warm food and LED lights to see by, but without water, we are in dire straights. No wonder there are stern warnings and fines for those who disregard the restrictions.

"Should consumers not adhere to the restrictions as imposed by the department, as well as Rand Water, then the situation will get worse and consumers will be without water for longer periods. Furthermore, if the situation does not improve then the City will be forced to introduce increased tariffs, increased policing and water shedding," said Moss.

He added that they have the powers to impose fines on those found to be going against the call for using water sparingly, but that would be last resort.

“if we don’t reach our targets then we will impose punitive measures,” he said.

Infrastructure MMC Darryl Moss quoted from the Daily Maverick

Despite the need to keep water shedding as a last resort, Eye witness news reports that the low levels of the reservoirs and dams due to the nation's ongoing drought  has resulted in the start of water shedding.

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