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Spring greening, getting ready for a cleaner tomorrow

Spring greening, getting ready for a cleaner tomorrow

Spring is always a great time to make some changes. Clean out the clutter and begin the new season feeling fresh and clean. The thing with spring cleaning is that it can well feel like a there is a mountain to climb with all the things that need to be taken care of. Spring greening however, can begin with a few small things and compliment the spring cleaning process.

Replace the old products with green, natural products
When you run out of cleaning products during the spring clean, replace them with environmentally friendly options. You don’t have to look very hard as these products now have a place amongst the usual toxic products in most shopping isles.

Don’t just throw things in the bin
If you don’t have a recycling bin already, now is the perfect time to start. Just put a box beside the bin to begin, lined with a clear bag and you will be surprised at how many things can be recycled.

Donate unwanted goods
Those old clothes that you cleared out, the pots and pans that you replaced, unused kitchen gadgets, cutlery, magazines, toys, etc. The seemingly endless list of clutter that is accumulating in the garage, top of the cupboards and under the stairs can all be donated to the local goodwill or salvation home.

Use creative green storage solutions
If you are looking to create more organised storage spaces, then use glass consol jars to store spices, flour and herbs. Choose cardboard boxes (there are some really nice decorated ones in craft shops) for storage rather than plastic crates.

Make your home a no waste zone
Now that you have done all the hard work of clearing out all the unwanted clutter, it would be a shame to start gradually sliding back into the clutter again. Stop buying disposable products and spend a bit more on something that will last.

Reuse items by putting them to use creatively.
A few old books tied with a fancy ribbon make a nice doorstopper.
Old toilet rolls and some cereal boxes make for wonderful craft materials.
Vegetable peels, coffee grounds, egg shells and spoiled fruit are perfect for enriching the compost heap.
A grey water system will keep you garden green and cut your summer watering bill.

Greening does not necessarily take any extra effort to get right and while some going green solutions may have an initial outlay attached, the time and money saved in the long run outweighs the short-term cost. Oh, and you are helping to save the planet too.

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