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How to clean your grey water system

grey water system cleaning tips

Congratulations if you have a greywater system installed as you will now be helping to save water (and your grass will be looking much greener). Grey water systems are fairly simple in their function. The water is diverted from the bathroom - (sink, shower and bath) and the washing machine to the grey water system instead of going with the sewage and kitchen water. The grey water system filters the water with a simple filter much like a pool filter and the water is pumped out of the reservoir of the grey water system to the sprinkler to the lawn, flowers or trees. Even if you are not an avid gardener this process will save you money on your municipal bill and keep your garden green.
As simple as this system it still needs a little attention to clean the grey water system to prevent odors and keep the filter from getting clogged up. 

Clean out the filter

As the water comes from the bathroom and washing machine there will be some debris and the soapy waste that can build up over time. Clean the filter much the same way you would clean a pool filter, by clearing out the debris and then rinsing. You can also add a few teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda to some warm water and a splash of vinegar and you have a non-toxic deodorizing and cleaning solution. Consider adding a filter to your plugs to prevent too much debris from going to the grey water system.

Stir up the water in the tank

You can use an old soft broom to stir up the water and clean the inside of the tank. Once this has been done start up the pump to flush out the stored water.

Keep the water flowing

The pump is designed to automatically pump out the water once the stored grey water has reached a certain level in the tank. The grey water tanks are small to allow the grey water to be processed and pumped out to the garden within the shortest possible time. Keep the grey water system plugged in and switched on to prevent the grey water from stagnating in the tank.

Start saving now

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