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It is time to become water-wise at home

save water save lives be water-wise

Despite the water restrictions, the drive to conserve water and nationwide drought, it is difficult to imagine that we are on the brink of running out of fresh water. For many of us, access to water remains a simple task of merely turning on the tap and there flows water in abundance (most of it going down the drain). There are warnings abound that we are living on borrowed time and water is a precious resource.  Water is life, but we are not water-wise as it is still taken for granted much like we are used to not thinking about breathable air. But take either away and we are no more.

Take water seriously and become water-wise

Water may not be expensive yet, but perhaps we should treat it as if it was priceless and endeavour to save every drop.  It is time to relook at your business, place of work and where you live to assess where and how you can save water. Water saving systems cost money to install but over time will save you money and will contribute to the #SaveWater drive.

Fix any leaks

Pipes and taps are notorious for developing leaks, even slightly leaking taps waste litres of water drop by drop over time. Look for damp spots on the wall for hidden leaks, and fix your leaking taps. Any submerged garden irrigation systems that have leaks will show up as  areas of better watered patches as the water escapes through the cracks. Keep track of your water usage (spend some time analysing your municipal bill or keep track of your water meter) any unusual increases in usage could well be attributed to leaks that need to be fixed.

Install water storage systems

The shortage of rain has more than ever highlighted the need to be ready to save as much rainwater as possible. Cape Town has a countdown running of how long it will take until there is no water (currently under one hundred days). It makes sense to have your own water reserves or ‘reservoirs’ that will be topped up when the rain comes.

Recycle your water

Ever herd the saying “brown is the new green”? Gardens have been left to survive as the water restrictions have forced proud gardeners to keep their hands off the hoses. Having a grey water system installed will recycle bathroom water (shower, bath, sink) and washing machine water so that it can be used on for reviving your garden.

Don’t waste your pool backwash water

The drought has made taking a cooling dip in the pool a luxury to be savoured. But backwashing pools and having to top them up after a backwash uses a massive amount of water. A pool backwash saver recycles your backwash pool water saving the water that would go down that drain and eliminating the need to use fresh water to top the pool up.