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Green Living starts at Home

Going GREEN is something everyone is talking about, but what does it really mean? How do you become less wasteful at home?

The first thing we can do is to start being more mindful of how we do things. Start with the simple day-to-day things like brushing your teeth. Do you leave the tap running while you brush your teeth, or do you only open the tap while using the water? By being mindful right throughout your day you would be surprised at how much water and energy you can save.

Below are a few everyday changes you can make

  • Switch to green cleaners - this will reduce air pollution both indoors and out.
  • Go for Meatless Mondays – raising livestock is heavy on our resources, enjoy fresh veggies on Mondays instead.
  • Insulate your home – even closing curtains just before sunset will make a difference to your energy consumption.
  • Reduce your use of Pesticides – go for greener organic options.
  • Switch off the lights – start the habit of switching off the light as you leave a room.
  • Replace those old lightbulbs with energy efficient bulbs.