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The truth about why water conservation has become urgent

Straight to the facts!

  • We are currently living in a time where a water shortage crisis is real.
  • Our dam levels have dropped.
  • South Africa’s water demand is increasingly becoming more than the supply.
  • Homeowners complain about water shortages.
  • Water shedding is upon us.

The question is what are we doing about this? Do your bit and conserve water. Green Overall Pretoria has a water conservation system that consists of Water tanks, Rainwater harvesting systems, Grey water systems, Pool backwash water saver, Water filtration systems, and Eco ponds.

Water tanks can be used to store rainwater, and reuse it. It could also become drinking water through adequate filtering.

Rainwater Harvesting can help you save up to 90 percent of your water bill.

Grey Water Systems stores water from baths, showers, hand basins, and clothing washing machines. This water can be re-used to irrigate your garden.

The Pool Backwash Water Saver receives the water that is normally thrown away from a pool’s filter backwash process and processes it where it safely returns to the pool.

The Water Filtration system produces cleaner water for a specific purpose.

An Eco Pond is a natural swimming pool that has many practical benefits, like low maintenance, low electricity costs, and perfect water quality at all times.

It is clear that it is now a good decision to live green and conserve water.