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The Grey Water Solution

Grey Water Solution

The Grey Water Solution

The Grey Water Solution. As South Africans, we find ourselves in a resource saving era where we are faced with realities like, amongst other things, water shortages.  Saving water and using it with discretion has become part of our daily lives.  We have realised that it is not a permanent resource and that it is with limitations.  It is this realisation that we are starting to think more about how we can collect and save water, even finding ways of reusing water with grey water harvesting systems.

What can grey water be used for?

The usage for grey water is limited. However, it creates an opportunity to reuse water in areas around the house where most water is wasted at one time.  This includes in the bathroom, for laundry and in the garden.  Most water usage occurs in the bathroom either by bath, shower, basins or by flushing the toilet. 

Grey water in the bathroom

Grey water in the bathroom can be reused to flush.  There are grey water harvesting systems available that allow water to filter back into the water chamber of the toilet.  It is NOT water that is filled with faeces, but merely that was collected from the bath, shower or washing machine after washing.

Grey water in the garden

Reusing grey water in your garden or flower beds is a better alternative to using clean scarce water fresh from the tap.  It is important to remember that grey water does contain minimal amounts of dirt, soap, grease and cleaning chemicals. You can reduce these amounts by either installing filtering systems, depending on your usage, or by using eco-friendly soaps and detergents.  When using grey water in a vegetable patch, it is important to note that grey water should not touch the edible parts of the plants and that plants should be watered at the root and not by spraying.  By spraying you are creating room for salt, boron and chemical build-up which will harm your veggies.

If you are interested in purchasing and installing a grey water harvesting system in your home, contact us today.  We will give you the best advice and help you find the system that will suit your needs.

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