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Investing in water saving systems

Investing in water saving systems

Investing in water saving systems -WHY DO IT?

It is no secret that South Africans mainly rely on surface runoff water for multiple usages at home and in business.  A reliable water supply is one of many factors that build the foundation for growth in our country. It plays a vital role in the social and economic development and most importantly for survival. It is for these reasons that we try our utmost to encourage people to invest in water saving systems at home and in the workplace.

Water the most valuable resource

The best time to save water is when there is water to save.  At one point or another, nearly every town in South Africa underwent water restrictions. It might not be as severe as in some cases, but what it has taught us is that water should be our most valuable resource and one that we should pay more attention to. Without water, every aspect of our daily structure, be it the environment, health or economy, will be impacted. Weather patterns and rainfall has become unreliable and the demand for water has increased.  It is no longer enough to depend on main water supply, but each and every one of our responsibility to make every drop count.

Yes we can do this in Pretoria too

Cape Town, in particular, has become the focus of a drought-stricken city which had to react fast to the massive water shortfall caused by drought. It required water usages levels to drop by millions per day.  Capetonians are currently being asked to drop their daily water usage even further, to only 87 litres of water per day.  The City of Cape Town, although struggling to reach targets, has made a significant impact due to water saving efforts by its residents, which includes homeowners taking responsibility by installing rainwater- and greywater harvesting systems. What the past year has taught us is that people have the capability to use less water than before, and make a positive difference by adapting to a negative situation.

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Investing in water saving systems

It is time to become water-wise at home