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Pool friendly water saving solutions

Water Friendly Swimming Pools

Pool maintenance is not on the list of fun chores to do, but if you want to keep on enjoying a clean and sparkling pool, it is a necessity.  As the drought in parts of South Africa brought water saving measures to the forefront, swimming pool maintenance has become a lively topic with water reduction as a priority for all of us.

Easy solutions for saving pool water

You can reduce water loss with your pool by using a pool cover, repairing any leaks and if the pool is heated, by reducing your pool temperature and manually cleaning your filters.

Pool Backwash water can be recycled

We all know that permanently structured swimming pools must be kept at a certain level or they will buckle and crack. With water restrictions in place in many municipal areas, this can be a challenge and lead to heavy fines.  It is also necessary to make sure swimming pools are clean and safe for use, thus we need to backwash it regularly.  
Backwashing is a costly exercise. Depending on the size of your swimming pool, the number of people using it and the chemicals used in the swimming pools, the frequency of backwashing may vary.  But it will still be necessary at some point and when we do backwash, between 200 and 900 liters of water go to waste. But it does not have to be lost if you collect the backwashed water into a tank where the suspended solids are allowed to settle. This usually takes up to 24 hours. Once settled, clear water, which collects at the top of the tank can be returned to the swimming pool, while the dirty water that collects at the bottom can be distributed in the garden for irrigation.  

A system that saves water and money

You can save up to 2000 liters of water every month and you don’t have to waste potable drinking water to fill your pool. In times of water scarcity, every drop is precious, and using 2000 less water every month will save you money on your utility bill.