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Greywater is part of your off-grid essentials

Greywater is part of your off-grid essentials

Water is an essential requirement for the survival of any off-grid or semi off-grid setup. Originally it was the key deciding factor in where to start a new settlement, once the key water need was satisfied, the rest of the settlement fell into place. If the water source dried up the entire community was at risk, resulting in much suffering and ultimately an abandoned settlement.
Water is survival and to survive we need about 3 litres of water a day. But to live we need so much more water for drinking, cooking, washing and growing our own food.

Where does greywater come from?

Greywater is water that comes from the washing machine, bath, shower and taps after we have washed our hands, brushed our teeth, etc. If this water goes down the drain it joins the black water and is wasted. Thoroughly washing hands as required by COVID pandemic uses more water or could produce more greywater if you have a greywater system installed.

Why is greywater so useful?

The water that has been filtered by the greywater system can be used in place of freshwater.
In a water-scarce climate, it is important that we make the most of the resources available to us and drastically reduce our waste.

Greywater can be used for cleaning

Sluicing areas such as animal enclosures.
Rinsing dirt off garden implements, boots, gates, walls, cars, etc.

Greywater can be used for growing

An irrigation system connected to your greywater system can keep your garden watered. If you use environmentally friendly soap you can even consider watering your veggies with greywater. Using a drip, or trickle irrigation system will keep your veggies well-watered without drenching the whole plant.

Greywater saves freshwater waste

In today's age, it is irresponsible to keep using fresh water to flush toilets. We know that water is a scarce resource and it is a simple matter to connect to the toilet tank to your greywater system.

Converting to a greywater system

It is easier than you think to convert to a greywater system. The process involves diverting the wastewater from the bathrooms to a greywater system. As this piping is usually on the exterior of the building it is easily accessible and does not require any major re-plumbing. Once your greywater system is in place you can connect it to the irrigation system that suits you.

Investing in water saving systems

It is time to become water-wise at home