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The future of your tap water is at risk

The future of your tap water is at risk

A dry land

South Africa is ranked number 30 of the driest countries in the world. What we do to protect our water within the next 10 years will be the deciding factor of our country's water future. Even with the current contingency plans being put into effect, we are still facing a situation of too little too late.

Maintenance issues

If fact due to the patching and re-patching of our water system, we can no longer be assured of our basic right to clean water. Water leaks and burst pipes allow our water system to be contaminated, and the constant need to repair the system leaves many areas without water.

Water supply limited for years to come

In Tshwane, most of the water comes from Rand Water and they get the bulk of their water from the Integrated Vaal River System. Most of the water that makes up the Integrated Vaal River System actually comes in from Lesotho, which has a fixed supply. The rest of the water that tops up the dams comes in from the rivers connecting with the main dams.

Demand exceeding supply

With the local population increasing dramatically we are on the brink of disaster as the water demand is set to far exceed the supply.
With an increased population comes other issues, and one of them is a significant increase in pollution that is getting into our water systems.

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Your solution

Secure your own supply of water with a rainwater harvesting system and make sure your water is safe with a filtration system.

Protect your water source

Avoid a dry future by installing a rainwater harvesting system